How to set up one-way SMS from Marketo using Twilio and webhooks.

I recently had the challenge of setting up a workflow to send one-way SMS alerts triggered from Marketo. The timeframe to execute was tight (5 hours) and it was a Friday, which meant any vendors that could help us were not getting back to us too quickly.

Thanks to the internet I was able to find a cost-effective solution that I could implement by the end of the day. This was achievable due to the video below by Marketo Pre-Sales Solution Consultant Petar Obradovic. Peter explains how to set up an account on Twilio and create a webhook in Marketo to send the SMS details once a workflow is triggered.

The total effort was 5 hours research, testing, and implementation. Cost of the Twilio phone number: $USD1.00 per month + SMS charges.

While one way SMS has its drawbacks, it can be a simple solution for one-off communications such as lead alerts to sales and web form fill-out confirmations. I wouldn’t suggest it for ongoing marketing campaigns as there isn’t unsubscribe functionality.




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When things get creepy

One of my colleagues noticed a familiar face on her LinkedIn “who’s viewed your profile” notifications. What she discovered was my profile pic being used by somebody else. Alerting me this I was shocked and also somewhat interested as to the reason someone would want to use my likeness. I’ve checked and I’m happy to report that my name is still Chris Yeoh and I still live in Sydney. Who are you Andrew Lee from Singapore? And what are you up to?