A model for Growth

When working with teams to  develop their roles over a period of time, a good tool to use is the GROW Model.

Current Reality.
Options (or Obstacles).
Will (or Way Forward).

The context I commonly apply this framework to is when a team member working in a fast paced company has developed their role to the point where they are doing a lot of different tasks, in different areas and have become a jack of all trades. This is usually due to showing initiative, proactivity and a general willingness to help people within the organisation.  The downside of this is a heavy disparate workload and also the perception of low value by others as their work is spread thin and not specialized enough.

Photo: Gabriel Rojas Hruska

The Grow Model provides a simple 4 column framework to use when sitting down with your team to flesh out what the Goal is, what is the current Reality, what are the Options/obstacles and finally what is the Will to move forward. The time frame I suggest for this type of goal setting is 6 months but you can apply this to any timeframe.


  • Complete one column at a time left to right.
  • Sit with your team member to populate each section. Ask questions and listen more than you speak.
  • Suggest options to help contribute to the goals.
  • Validate way forward.
  • Once complete, check in on Grow Plan regularly to track progress and readjust where necessary.

Having a Grow Plan is a great way to zoom up out of the weeds and see how a team member’s role can be optimised for efficiency and fulfilment. This is more times than not a win-win for the organisation.

GROW Plan Template .xls