How to set up one-way SMS from Marketo using Twilio and webhooks.

I recently had the challenge of setting up a workflow to send one-way SMS alerts triggered from Marketo. The timeframe to execute was tight (5 hours) and it was a Friday, which meant any vendors that could help us were not getting back to us too quickly.

Thanks to the internet I was able to find a cost-effective solution that I could implement by the end of the day. This was achievable due to the video below by Marketo Pre-Sales Solution Consultant Petar Obradovic. Peter explains how to set up an account on Twilio and create a webhook in Marketo to send the SMS details once a workflow is triggered.

The total effort was 5 hours research, testing, and implementation. Cost of the Twilio phone number: $USD1.00 per month + SMS charges.

While one way SMS has its drawbacks, it can be a simple solution for one-off communications such as lead alerts to sales and web form fill-out confirmations. I wouldn’t suggest it for ongoing marketing campaigns as there isn’t unsubscribe functionality.




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